Creates, capitalizes, and incubates companies that Elevate People and Places.


Aerial brings a unique ability to find the opportunities that will truly elevate the people and places in a region. Aerial works with the local officials to aid in the execution of those opportunities through strategic development planning and media strategy.


The founder of Aerial, Britnie Turner, is obsessed with transformation. Her original desire was to be a missionary in Africa but after visiting several times she became frustrated that she wasn’t helping in a sustainable way. She decided to use her passion for helping others to build companies that Elevate People and Places, solving root issues in developing nations as their very core of business. She built the Aerial brand which has been revitalizing areas for the last 10 years and was titled by Forbes Magazine “6th Fastest Growing Woman Owned/ Woman Led Company in the World.”

Aerial has built a proven track record for creating positive transformation and economic sustainability in every area they have worked in to date.




We elevate urban communities with a focus on taking seemingly hopeless places and making them economically self-sustainable.

We do this by looking at the global picture of community needs at the state, city, neighborhood, and street level then, intentionally designing communities around addressing those needs.

Through collaboration with the community itself, the local government, Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses we work to accelerate positive transformation in these areas.



Media is the most powerful tool in the world.

We understand that we can positively affect culture by giving a voice to the people and causes that reinstate values, give hope, and share ideas.

We are pushing to see an end to some of the worst atrocities known to mankind and will use every resource possible to resolve these issues once and for all.



Each community is engaged with a completely new standard of excellence.

We add value by upgrading properties as well as putting in strategic amenities that allow our residents to live, connect, and grow beyond what they ever thought was possible.

Think “Multi-Family of the Future”.



Prior to natural disasters occurring we design resiliency, communication and disaster management plans specific to geographical locations. We then continuously train the local teams in the latest responsiveness best practices and the public on how to prepare and respond so communities are equipped. Immediately following a storm, we bring in the best recon teams to quickly assess needs that will then be immediately shared on the online platforms we develop for the government. This allows governments to quickly provide life-saving information as well as aid to be orchestrated effectively. We then activate our contracted Alliance of emergency air platforms, sea transportation, food, water, and life support supplies as well as medical teams and temporary housing to deploy into action in less than 48 hours. We serve as the management arm on behalf of the government for recovery projects and coordination of NGOs from relief to redevelopment so that maximum aid can be received as well as new opportunities can be harnessed and incorporated.

Our #1 goal is to save lives and facilitate the redevelopment of nations to be even more prosperous after a disaster. By sharing and effectively implementing the plan not only will your citizens will have strengthened faith in each other and their government, but they will also have a renewed hope that their greatest pain can become their greatest purpose.



G-FORCE Mastermind is an exclusive community of entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives, businesses, and resources to being a force for good in the world. We are a mastermind group that provides the tools, education, and network needed to scale business’ profitability and impact. We believe that through the creation of opportunity we can create sustainable businesses that end world issues.

All humans want to have a meaningful impact while on this earth, but not many do, WHY? G-FORCE starts with WHY. G-FORCE Mastermind members are taken through a series of exercises, leading them to excavate their purpose and truly get clear on their WHY. We provide the training on how to strategically translate that purpose into their life, business, and brand plans. These plans allow members to integrate what really matters into the areas of their life needed to be able to actually achieve the impact they want to see.

Join the G-FORCE Mastermind by applying on the website. Not ready to join the G-FORCE Mastermind? Learn how to be a force for good by listening to G-FORCE Podcast or Broke To Woke Podcast.