Excellence & Impact: The Aerial Way

November 3, 2016 / Aerial / Blog / 0 Comment

Excellence and Impact, what exactly does this look like in every day business……

Excellence and Impact: The Aerial Way

No matter what your business, your product or service is excellence. If you’re doing it right, you’re selling excellence to your customers. We all desire excellence and your business will grow. Now you have reputation and resources. Use your reputation and resources to impact the world, locally and globally, both as a community of people and as a physical place. At Aerial, our company mission is to Elevate People and Places. We do this through excellence and impact. 


I like to define excellence as “the quality of being outstanding.” Your product or service should stand out amongst others. You want your product or service to fulfill your customer’s needs, not just convince them of their need for your product or service. Your relationship with them should be beyond transactional to personal, and if you’ve got the best and most excellent product, you’ve put yourself in a great position to build a huge, dedicated customer base. The pursuit of excellence brings success to your company because excellence sells itself. Of course, there are many smart strategies and intelligent marketing decisions to be made to promote your excellence to the fullest, but at the end of the day, it’s easy to sell the best product or service. You tell the truth. Excellence should be wrapped up in the very DNA of the company, in its product or service, culture, employees, and message to the world.

In our media savvy world, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company. Your first priority must be the value and standard of your product or service. We must offer excellence to our customers. With that priority established, you can now package that excellence to the world. You don’t just have a (your industry here) company, you have a (your industry here) and marketing company. If you’ve spent any time in the marketing space, you’ll know that the second step to excellent marketing is telling your story in an honest and compelling way, providing real value and standing out among the rest.


Once you have established a standard of excellence in your product or service, you will have a reputation and resources. The usage of these is the most important responsibility a company or individual has. Your resources are time, energy, and finances- everything you need to change the world. In the past, it has been enough to simply invest these resources back into the company to make a better product, or simply to grow your company’s reach and footprint. We believe business leaders have a responsibility to dedicate a portion of these resources to impact the world. To us, we can look at the world in two ways. First, it is a community of people. Second, it is a physical place. We can even go further and think about the world locally and globally.

These are broad statements and could come off as “feel good” sentiments, but the practical application is powerful. Let’s use Aerial Development Group as an example. Locally, we participate in tree planting programs within the neighborhoods that we develop. We ask the neighborhood council members and residents what they need and work to get it for them – be it new sidewalks, new lights, we invest in those community needs. Other times we ask them what is working best in their neighborhood so we can partner with them to strengthen what is already established. We become a resource and advocate for the community, and in turn, we earn their respect. Our relationship with them goes from transactional to personal, because we make the effort to understand them and work with them to elevate. To promote sustainability, we have a team dedicated to researching the newest and most effective green building suppliimpactes and implement them as we can. We are dedicated to saving energy and pursuing alternate energy pathways whenever possible, and continue to innovate and look towards future possibilities even when it’s not financially viable yet. We don’t sell houses in a vacuum of time and space. Aerial and the customer both live in the same world, and we try to work together to make it a better place.

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to be a force for good and to use our excellence for maximum impact. Have the courage to operate your business with the mindset of pursuing Excellence and Impact, and join the force for good to see the benefits for only you personally, but for your company, your community, and for the world around you.