we preserve people

we are internally and externally collaborative


we bring order

we have each other’s back

we never make decisions out of fear

we model excellence

we always figure it out

we are intentional about the details

The evolution of Aerial.

The evolution of the company’s vision: Aerial’s humble beginning was in the renovation business. By purchasing and renovating single-family homes across greater Nashville, the company was able to scale and in the process learned how to identify specific neighborhoods that needed revitalization. Once blighted homes were made beautiful, the atmosphere of the neighborhoods began to change. Aerial saw this and decided they wanted to make an even bigger positive impact. This decision was the stepping stone that led to infill.

Though infill has become a booming business for Aerial they had global initiatives and wanted to reach the next level of impact. The team saw a need for intentionality in building healthy places with a focus on addressing social needs through innovative projects. Aerial is proving that a development “rooted in purpose” is the model of the future for successful projects through their cottage development, East Greenway Park.

Aerial’s model has proved to be transformative even in the multifamily and mixed-use industries. The company harnessed opportunities which expanded their footprint outside of Nashville in the southeast corridor over the last 12 months. Aerial’s vision is to support holistic life improvement by offering opportunities to live, connect, and grow. Tenants are being empowered and positively impacted as a direct result of choosing to live in an Aerial property.

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Sustaining the planet


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Accelerating Positive Transformation & Creating Economic Sustainability in Transitional Areas

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